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Getting Started? Enroll in Trakstar Academy

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I'm a new Super Admin

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I'm a new user

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I'm helping recruit, as an agency

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I'm referring candidates, as an employee

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I'm setting up a new account

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I've been asked to interview or review candidates

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Trakstar Academy, Webinars, & Best Practices

E-Learning Courses for Super Admins

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E-Learning Courses for Hiring Managers

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E-Learning Courses for Interviewers / Reviewers

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Hiring Best Practices

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Creating, Editing and Managing Openings

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Sharing Openings Across the Web

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Interacting with Candidates

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Sourcing and Uploading Candidates

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Managing Candidate Information

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Offer & Post-Hire Candidate Experience

Learn how to give your candidate the best onboarding experience!

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Making Data Private

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Reporting on Candidates

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Reporting on Openings

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Account Wide Settings

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Integrations & Workflows

Integration Support

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Single-Sign On (SSO)

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