How can I reduce bias in my team's interview feedback?

Collecting unbiased feedback after an interview is an important part of the hiring process.  It allows users to share their feedback without being influenced by feedback left by other users - even if they are part of the same interview!  Trakstar Hire's unbiased feedback tools allow the Super Admin to create settings to only share feedback with all of the interviewers after their own feedback is left - or not at all!

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This can be enabled via Settings > Company Settings > Interviews and Reviews > Interview and Review Configurations.
If you leave this disabled, all interviewers will be able to see feedback left during the process.  

Once enabled, you have two options:

  • Interviewers can see others' feedback after they submit their own
  • Interviewers can see only their feedback always

This setting refers to the interview they are invited to past interviews will always be visible. You can use the "Private" checkbox to make interviews private at a stage level, if you prefer to not have previous interviews visible, either. 

It is also important to note that stage coordinators and Super Admin users will be able to see everyone's feedback, regardless of these settings.  Since the coordinator is the user wholly responsible for the action taken on the stage, they need the ability to see all of the feedback to move a candidate forward or decision them.  Super Admins have access to all data in the system, so they will also have access to all feedback.

Once this feature is enabled, interviewers will be able to see that other interviewers have left their feedback - but not what the feedback is. This will be indicated with a lock icon within the interview stage:

And within the feedback tab of the candidate's profile:
If the Super Admin has set Interviewers can see others' feedback after they submit their own, an interviewer leaving their feedback will unlock the other feedback ratings.  This allows for a collaborative experience, to make the ultimate decision to move the candidate forward in the hiring workflow. And if the Super Admin has set Interviewers can see only their feedback always, only the coordinator and the Super Admins will be able to see the feedback - always!  Those who can see the feedback will need to make the decision on who to move forward within the hiring workflow, as the interviewers will not be able to see or collaborate on the feedback.

Noteturning on the Unbiased Interview Feedback feature is not applied retroactively. It only affects interviews with candidates from the time it is enabled.

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