How can I add additional fields to a candidate's profile?

We know how important the candidate profile is when you're hiring - it contains all of the relevant details and information you want to see at a glance!  Many of the details on the profile are created by the candidate, upon application for the opening.  Flagged Fields allow you and your team to add even more details to a candidate's profile easily.

This feature is only available on select price plans.  Don't see this in your account? Reach out to us at for additional information.

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How do these fields appear on the candidate profile?

These fields will display below the Description and above the Resume on a candidate's profile.  The fields are fully customizable by any Super Admin, and can be optional or required, and set to be filled out in all profiles - or just profiles within a specific opening.

Wait, how are these different than the +Add More Info section of the candidate description?

The Flagged Fields are different than the option to Add more info to a candidate's profile, as the Flagged Fields are standardized across your account.  They can be marked as required - so a user must fill out the field - and include standard answer types, like multiple choice, URLs, or numbers.

What can I use these fields for?

If you've built out an awesome application form, you've already gathered a lot of data and information from your candidates.  But sometimes there are additional questions you may want to ask them - perhaps in the first screening interview - such as salary requirements or when they'll be able to start the new position. Flagged Fields make it simple to have these questions pop up immediately on the candidate's profile, and standardize how they are saved across your candidate pool.

Setting up Flagged Fields

A Super Admin can create new Flagged Fields via Settings > Candidates Configuration > Flagged Fields.

From there, click on +Field on the right, to add a new field.

Enter the details you'd like your team members to answer about this candidate.  You can make this private - accessible only by Super Admins, Recruitment Managers, and Job Admins.  You can also select if you'd like this to apply to all candidate profiles or Candidate profiles only on specific openings.

You can also select a specific Answer Type, including multiple choice, URLs, and email addresses.  This makes it even easier to maintain consistency across your candidate profiles.

You can create as many Fillable Fields as you need, for all openings or just for specific openings.

Flagged Fields in Action

Once you've set up your fields, they will appear on the relevant candidates' profiles, below the Description and above the Resume.

If you have not yet filled them out, you'll see a red badge with the number of required entries here:

To answer a question, click on the pencil icon to the right.

Enter the details, and then click on Save.  In this case, the answer type is set to Numbers, so a number must be entered.

Once you've entered all of the details for the required fields, you can view the optional fields - and answer those too, if you'd like.

Any fields with a lock next to them are private, and will only be seen by Super Admins, Recruitment Managers, or Job Admins. To collapse these extra fields, click on Show only required fields.

Shortcut: Super Admins can go directly to the settings to manage the Flagged Fields by clicking on the cog wheel in the right corner of the section.

Flagged Fields can help you to build out a robust candidate profile, with all of the details and information you need to make informed hiring decisions!

Reporting on Flagged Fields

Flagged fields pull to the Candidate Excel Report. They will display as a column with the header of "Flagged Field: {field name}".

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