What are draft, published, internal and archived openings?

Openings have 5 statuses: Draft, Published, Not Accepting Candidates, Internal, and Archived. These statuses help you to organize the openings and make them visible to the right people at the right time

Looking to edit the status of an opening?

Click "Openings" on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen. Your openings dashboard will display. Click on the name of the opening that you'd like to delete:

The opening details will display. Near the top right of the page you'll see the opening's current status. To the right of that, there is a menu button (three dots) that will open a dropdown of options when you click it. From here you can choose a new status for the opening:

What do the different statuses mean?

Draft: Draft status is for openings that you are still working on setting up. They are not visible outside of your Trakstar Hire account, but can be edited internally until you are ready to publish them. You can not add candidates to draft openings. Openings automatically save as draft once you begin creating an opening.

Draft openings are best for when you're still working out all of the details.

Published: Published openings are live, active openings. These openings are publicly visible on your Hosted Careers Site or Jobs Widget, and can be published on the job boards.

Published openings are live and ready for hiring.

Not Accepting Candidates: Openings set to not accepting candidates allow you to pause hiring and continue working with the candidates currently in the opening. When openings are in this status, you can still take actions on the candidates in the opening. These openings are not visible to the outside world, and you can not generate a link for sharing this opening.

You can use this status when you need some time to sort through your candidates, and want to pause the inflow during this period. You can also use it if you have an offer out, but are waiting for a confirmed hire.

Internal: Internal openings are fully accessible inside your account, but not visible externally unless you share a private link. 

You may want to use an internal opening if you are hiring for a job that you don't want to display publicly, instead, you'd like to share a private link with certain folks.

Archived: Archived openings are closed openings. Inside your account you can view these openings and the candidates assigned to them, but you can not make edits to the opening. Archived openings are not visible outside of your account, and can not be shared.

Archived openings are closed, because you've finished hiring! You can reopen these at any time.

Note: with an Archived opening, the following actions can be taken on candidate profiles:

  • Add comment
  • Send email
  • Schedule interview
  • Generate offer
  • Send for review

The actions that cannot be taken with candidates in an Archived opening are as follows:

  • Move between stages
  • "Decision" as hired, rejected, withdrawn, etc.

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