Webinar Recording - The Great Candidate Search

  • How do I pivot to hiring and working with candidates - and my hiring team! - remotely?
    • Use resources in Trakstar Hire like the self-scheduling tool & calendar sync, review stages, and comments to collaborate with your colleagues across the miles.
    • Translate your current interview process into an online model - clearly define the stages and needs.
    • Consider assigning an assignment or project to your candidate.
    • Keep candidates engaged with great communication.
  • Now that I have these candidates - how do I filter and sort, to find the true gems?
    • Use dealbreaker questions on your application.
    • Build out custom screening stages, and utilize the Review stage.
    • Use filters and advanced search to find the best candidates.
    • Delegate tasks to other team members, to gain additional perspectives and create great hiring team members!

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