How can I send a candidate to my colleagues for review?

Picking the right candidate is a huge decision - and that is always best when shared with your coworkers!

The "Send for Review" button allows you to easily send candidates to your colleagues for review at any time.

This feature may look familiar, as it's similar to the structured feedback evaluation available for an interview. Now you can solicit this feedback outside of interview creation!

How does it work?

There are three ways to send candidates for review.

The first is an 'ad-hoc' review, which can be done at any time by clicking "Send for Review" at the top of the candidate's profile, or selecting "Send for Review" within any stage.

The second way to send a candidate for review is via the "Review Stage," which you can learn more about by clicking here.

The third way is to leave a quick review when you'd like to leave feedback yourself on the candidate's profile

How to send a candidate for an 'ad-hoc' review:

Click on " Candidates" on the left side of your Trakstar Hire screen

Choose the candidate you'd like to send for review, and click on them. This will open the candidate profile.

You can send the candidate for review at any time by clicking "Send for review" at the top of the candidate profile:

If the candidate is in a Review Stage, you'll also see the option in the candidate Timeline:

If the candidate is not in a review stage, the Timeline button will be located in the icon bar at the top of the stage:

Enter the reviewer(s) name or email addresses. Add a note, if you would like. 

The reviewer(s) will then receive an email notification of a new candidate to review.

Would you like to specify what questions the reviewers answer? Learn more here!

How do I leave a quick review, myself?

When you're ready to leave feedback on a profile, click on "Send for Review" - from here, you'll now see an option called "Leave a quick review."

Clicking to leave the quick review allows you space to leave your feedback on the candidate - without having to send it to yourself for review, first. 

This feedback then lives on the "Feedback" tab, for easy viewing. 

Can I remind others to leave feedback?

Yes! You can remind folks manually, or automatically.  Learn more here

What if I'm the reviewer, what does it look like for me?

The reviewer will have a page to view the candidate's profile

The reviewer will also be able to leave their comments and a rating of the candidate

What if I need to edit my review as a reviewer?

You can edit your review from the candidate's profile, in the "Feedback" tab, by clicking "Edit" next to your review:

Once you make your edits and resubmit your review, your edits will update automatically in the candidate's profile! 

What if I need to edit who is invited to review the candidate?

This can be done using the "Edit details" option that is seen after clicking on the menu button (three vertical dots) from the Timeline for that candidate's stage:

Note - you can only remove users who have not yet submitted their reviews.

Where do I and my teammates see the reviews?

Once a reviewer you have invited leaves a review, you'll be notified via email.

If you have initiated the review, the candidate will also receive a blue dot beside them, indicating a new action has happened on the candidate.

In addition, anyone with access to the candidate will be able to see the review(s) in the "Feedback" tab of the candidate's profile.

Reviewers can see comments and candidate messages. What if I want to restrict this view?

Comments and candidate messages can always be marked as private if you would like to restrict the view of them. Private comments or private candidates messages can only be viewed by Super Admin user, a Job Admin for that opening, and those users that were copied on the correspondence. Learn more about private profile items by clicking here!

Can I invite colleagues who are not Trakstar Hire users to be reviewers?

Yes. You can add any email address when inviting reviewers. Non-users will be added to your "invited users" list as Team Member users.

Is there a way to see all of my pending reviews?

Yes! This can be seen on the external review page link (which you can follow from your email notification). At the top of this page, you can click to see a list of all of the candidates you have pending for review.

You can also see candidates that are awaiting review from your candidate dashboard. Click to "+ Add Filter" from the Candidate List and add a filter that will show all candidates with a review pending on you and/or other users:

What if we are also interviewing this candidate?

If you are soliciting this feedback for after an interview, it is best to set this up as an  interview instead. Colleagues invited to the interview will get a similar page for leaving their feedback post-interview.

Can we include review step(s) as a part of our hiring workflow? Can review requests be sent automatically?

Yes, and yes - using the Review Stages you can do both! Learn more about this set up by clicking here!

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out at any time -!

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