Integration: Syncing your Trakstar Hire calendar with your Google Calendar

With Trakstar Hire you can easily sync your interviews and to do's with your own calendar - keeping you in sync wherever you are! Not only can you send your Hire calendar items to your personal calendar, but you can say goodbye to double booking and sync when you are available or busy with Hire - making interview scheduling a breeze!

Note - you can only sync your calendar with the same email address that you are using to log in to Hire. 

Each user syncs their own calendar via their settings page.  Below is how to get this set up!

  • First, click the Settings gear at the bottom left of the blue sidebar:

  • At the top of this page there is a button that says "Connect a Google Account" - click this button. 

  • You will be taken to a page where you will choose which google account you would like to authorize this connection to

  • Confirm the connection authorization by clicking "Accept"

  • You will be taken back to Hire where you will see that your calendar is connected.

  • Going forward, when you schedule events in your Hire account, they will flow over to your Google calendar!

  • In addition, when your colleagues schedule interviews, your Free/Busy will display in the interview scheduler. Note: You will see colleague's schedules based on the permissions you have as a user in Google. If you have access to see their calendar in Google, you'll have access in Trakstar Hire. If you do not, you will not have access - even if their calendar is synced. 

Questions? Need to sync to a different type of calendar? Feel free to reach out at any time -

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