How do I merge candidate profiles together?

What is it?

We know candidates can end up in Trakstar Hire through a variety of means - uploads, prospecting, direct application, and more. As this workflow occurs, it is natural for duplicate candidates to arise.

With Duplicate Candidate Merging, you can now merge two (or more!) duplicate candidates together!

What does it look like?

Candidate profiles that have been flagged as a 'duplicate' will be identified with a double red plus icon.

How does it work?

There are two ways to view duplicate candidate profiles.

Directly from the candidate profile by clicking the 'duplicate' marker, this opens a panel where the list of duplicate profiles for that candidate will be shown.

Or from the 'Candidates' module.

When you click on the duplicate marker, you will be shown the additional copies of the candidates profile:

Select the checkbox beside the copies that you want to merge (you can pick more than 2) and click the "Merge profiles" button.

Next, select the primary profile of the candidate where you want all of their information to be merged into.

Lastly, click "Merge Profiles"

And confirm the merge (this cannot be undone!)

You will be taken to the new, combined profile!

What happens to the information from the other profiles?

Once the profiles are merged, you can view merged profiles in a read-only mode from the 'primary' profile. When you view the primary profile, you'll now see a 'merged' icon next to the profile name.

Clicking on the icon will open a side panel with information about the merged profiles for that candidate.

You can choose to “view profile” and will be taken to the merged profile in a read-only state. You'll see a banner notifying you that you are viewing the 'read-only' profile.

Can I merge profiles that I don't have access to?

You may be working on one opening but see that the candidate has applied to two different openings but you may not have access to the other opening. This may be the case for users with limited access including: Recruitment Managers, Recruiters, Hiring Team Members, and Team Members.

In this case, you won't be able to merge them unless the coordinator of the other opening gives you access to the candidate's profile. The profiles will display, but will not be clickable - and the opening name will not be visible:

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