How to share your jobs directly from Trakstar Hire to LinkedIn

You can share your jobs directly from Trakstar Hire to LinkedIn! These openings will be shared on LinkedIn's "Limited Listings," free job board postings. 

Have a LinkedIn Recruiter account? Click here or scroll down for directions!

Setting Up Your Company ID in Hire

You'll need to add your LinkedIn Company ID and Industry Code to your account to get started.  This only needs to be done once.  Navigate to Settings > Job boards & Publishing > Job posts settings

Scroll down to LinkedIn, and click Configure.

You will have the option to set the default values for your LinkedIn posts. Need help finding your company ID? Learn more here. Click Save once you are done.

Share Your Opening with LinkedIn's Limited Listings

LinkedIn's free version of their site

After you've created your opening in Hire, navigate to the Candidate Sources tab within the opening and then select Manage next to Job Boards.

This opens the list of job boards we are connected with. Click on the Free tab, then click on Post under LinkedIn.

You'll see this reflecting that the posting was successful.

Share Your Openings with LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn's paid version of their site

From the opening, you'd like to share, click on the Candidate Sources tab.  The Job Application Link will be displayed.

Click on Share a trackable link to create a custom link with LinkedIn Recruiter.  This allows you to track incoming candidates and document their sources. If you would also like to track clicks from a specific location on this job URL, you can use the "Share a trackable link" option to connect a source to candidates who apply via the created link.

From the Name of the candidate source, enter how you'd like to source to be saved.  If you have previously entered LinkedIn Recruiter, it will appear here, and you can select it from the drop-down.  Otherwise, enter it to add to your account.

Once this is set, copy the URL that appears.  You can do this by clicking the two rectangles next to the URL.
Use this link to create your LinkedIn opening as the application link.  Hire will track the source for you!

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