Create Check In Surveys for New Hires

The engagement module allows administrators to conduct surveys, check-ins, and polls to measure employee engagement across your organization’s workforce. It is an excellent way to tap into employee happiness and productivity!  

We recommend using these surveys to engage employees during the onboarding process, after any significant cultural or procedural changes, and generally throughout their lifecycle, to always have a pulse on your employee's wellbeing. 

This feature is available within our Trakstar Module. If you are interested in this feature, please reach out to us!

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Step 1: Select Engagement from the left-side navigation bar within the Trakstar tool. Click Start a Custom Survey on this page.

Step 2: Input a Survey Title and an optional Description.

The description is for your reference. It will not be visible to your respondents.

Step 3: Create your questions. You can designate these questions as optional or required. The answer types are either Rating Scale or Comment Field for open-ended questions. Rating Scale answer types allow for an optional comment box. Once finished, click Save and Continue at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Choose your respondents. You can select individual employees or members of specific groups. Click Save and Continue.

Please note that managers can only send surveys to employees below them in the organizational hierarchy. Administrators can send surveys to the entire organization.

Step 5: Configure the survey settings.

Schedule: Determine when you want to send the survey.

Recurrence: Decide whether or not the survey will automatically recur. If it does, you can designate by weeks, months, or years and select an end date if desired.

Cutoff Date: You can close the survey after a certain number of days. Respondents would no longer be able to answer the survey after that cutoff.

Anonymous Responses: Make responses anonymous or attributed to specific users. When taking the survey, users will be informed whether responses are anonymous or not.

Email Reminders: Send follow-up emails to respondents you are still awaiting answer submissions.

Step 6: Schedule Survey. You can preview your survey before scheduling and make any necessary changes.

This feature is available within our Trakstar Module. If you are interested in this feature, please reach out to us!

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