How Can I Use Trakstar Hire to Refer my friends?

Within Trakstar Hire, your team has the option to turn on an Employee Referral feature. This feature allows you to refer your friends to specific openings. If your team hasn't turned this on yet, and you'd like to refer a friend, reach out to your manager about getting it set up!

If you've already been invited to refer a friend, read on to learn how to do so!

What will I see?

When you follow your link to refer your friends, you'll see any openings that have been enabled for a referral. 

The first time you click on "Refer a Friend," you will be asked to add your email address so that you can keep up with their referrals!  If you already have set up an employee referral account, you can click "Login" on the top right corner of the screen

Now, you can add their friend's information.

After adding a candidate, if this is the first time you have added a referral, you'll receive an email with a link to set a password for the next time you want to use the system.

You can also see the status of their referred candidates by clicking on "My Referrals" at the top of the screen.

Can I share a link to have my referrals apply themselves?

Yes! There is a unique link within the employee referral page you can generate. This link can be shared with your referrals for applying. The link also tracks you as the person who referred the candidate.

Note: This link is different from what you received in your email to access the employee referral page. The link to the employee referral page should not be shared with anyone outside your company.

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