How can I leave interview feedback on a candidate?

You've been asked to interview a what?

You'll receive an email asking you to complete an evaluation after your interview. Click into the 'View Candidate Profile' link to get started!

You'll then be taken to a view of the candidate's profile:

Clicking Submit Feedback will allow you to leave your rating & write notes about your interview with the candidate. 

Leave feedback on the fly with Quick Reviews!

When you're ready to leave feedback on a profile, click on "Send for Review" - from here, you'll now see a new option called "Leave a quick review." The Quick Review option allows you space to leave your feedback on the candidate - without having to send it to yourself for review, first.

If you choose to send the candidates profile for review, select 'Send for Review' and a new window will appear asking you who you would like to send the candidate profile to for review. You also have the ability to edit your Structured Evaluation Form or add a note for your reviewers before sending them the candidates profile.

This feedback will then live on the "Feedback" tab, for easy viewing.

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