Why are some candidates unassigned to an opening?

Candidates who aren't assigned to an opening have a dash in place of the opening name.

The candidate will also display when you click "Not in Any Opening" on the left side of the candidate dashboard. Click the pencil icon next to "Candidates inactive openings" to see this option.

Which users can see candidates who are unassigned to openings?

Users below the Super Admin level will only see these candidates if they are asked to review the candidate, included in an interview for the candidate, or upload the candidate themselves.

They will also see the candidate if the candidate was previously assigned to an opening that they had access to (that has since been deleted.)

Read more about specific user types you can access (and other user types) by clicking here.

How do candidates become unassigned to an opening?

There are a few ways that candidates can become unassigned to the system:

  • They are added to the system without an opening assigned.

  • The opening they applied to or were assigned to is later deleted out of the system.

Can I assign an opening to a candidate who is unassigned to an opening?

Of course! We recommend that you do this. Here are the steps to take care of this:

  • Click on "Candidates" on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen.

  • Click on the candidate's name you'd like to assign to an opening.

  • The candidate's profile will display - click on "Assign to Opening" in the right sidebar.

  • Select the opening you'd like to assign to this candidate from the drop-down, and choose the appropriate stage. Then click "Assign Candidate."

  • The candidate will now show in this opening!

Can I remove the opening from a candidate to make them unassigned?

No - the opening associated with the candidate will stay with them unless they are moved to a new opening or the opening is deleted out of the system.

Who is assigned to these candidates when they are unassigned to an opening?

When candidates are unassigned to an opening, these candidates are assigned to one user for follow-up. Any Super Admin in the account can edit who this user is in the settings menu. Here are the steps to do that:

  • Click on "Settings" in the top right-hand corner of your Trakstar Hire screen.

  • Under "Company Settings," click on "Unattached Candidates."

  • Click the box beside the user you'd like to be responsible for these candidates.

  • Then click "Save."

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