Integration: Connecting Zoom with Trakstar Hire

Important Note

Zoom is only able to connect to one Trakstar Hire account per Zoom login. If you have more than one Trakstar Hire account (or a "toggle account") currently you will only be able to connect Zoom to one of these Hire accounts at a time. We suggest connecting Zoom with the account you schedule interviews in most frequently and using the manual process for your other account(s).

The integration between Zoom and Trakstar Hire allows you to speed up your interview scheduling by generating Zoom links automatically when creating interview invites.

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Approving the Integration

This step is only required if you are on a paid Zoom account. Please move on to the next step, Enabling the Zoom integration, if you are on a free Zoom account, as this is not required.

If you have a paid Business Zoom account, it will be necessary for one of your Zoom Admins to pre-approve the integration before individual Hire users can connect. If the pre-approval has not been completed, users will be shown a message that pre-approval is needed, and they can click the button to request pre-approval. Once pre-approval has been requested, the link will show  Pre-approval Requested:

A Zoom Admin will be notified when Pre-approval has been requested, and the user who requested pre-approval will be notified when it's been approved by the Zoom Admin. We recommend this step be completed before notifying your individual users to connect to Zoom.

Note: Pro Zoom accounts will not allow for multiple meetings to occur at once - you must have a Business Zoom account to schedule multiple meetings at a time.

Enabling the Integration

To enable the integration, each user will follow these steps:

Click on "Settings" on the lower left side of your Hire account. Then pick "Connected Applications"

Within this page, click to connect your Zoom account

You are then redirected to the Zoom login page, to enter your login details and approve the connection.

Next you are directed back to your Hire settings page, where you will now see the "Connect" button has changed to say "Disconnect." This means the connection was successful.

To get started, click to create an interview from within the candidate's profile. Once inside the Interview Creation page, you will select "Zoom Meeting" as the meeting type.

You will see an information message that meeting details will be generated once the meeting is confirmed.

Candidates and Interviewers receive the Zoom details in the calendar invite

Additional Info About Zoom Links

Zoom links created by scheduling a Zoom Interview in Trakstar Hire will be unique for each interview. The interviewers do not need to connect a Zoom account to participate in the interview and they will receive the Zoom link in the calendar invite automatically.

Users scheduling the interviews will need to connect their Zoom account from Settings -> Connected Applications.

To summarize:

  • The Zoom link is created through the Zoom account/connection of the person scheduling the interview.
  • These links are set up so that people can join without the host - so that the interview scheduler does not have to be present for the link to work.
  • The links work with both free and paid Zoom accounts but do have free link limitations. This should be kept in mind regarding the status of the Zoom account for the person scheduling the interview.

What if I try to schedule an interview, without Zoom connected?

If you pick the Zoom meeting type and don't have Zoom connected in settings, you will see a message letting you know to connect your account in order to auto generate meeting links. Otherwise, there is a way to enter the meeting details (url, ID and password) manually.

How do I disconnect the Zoom integration?

If you would like to disconnect the Zoom integration you can follow these steps:

Click on "Settings" on the lower left side of your Hire account. Then pick "Connected Applications"

Click "Disconnect" underneath the Zoom integration. A popup displays to confirm the disconnection. Click "Confirm Disconnect" to remove the integration.

When you disconnect the integration you will no longer be able to auto-create Zoom links on future interviews. Any previous links created for upcoming interviews will be maintained.

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