Can I pull a report on coordinator activities?

Yes! The Coordinator Activity Report will help you pull just this!

Very often, a small set of people are responsible for moving candidates forward in your hiring workflow, and ensuring the pipeline is moving.

Knowing where these people stand in completing these tasks help you to see if there are gaps in your workflows. The Coordinator Activity Report helps you see just this, in one easy snapshot.

How do I access the report?

You can access this report from your reports dashboard, just as you do your other reports

  • Click the "Reports" icon on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen 

This displays the Reporting Dashboard. From here, click on "Opening Activity" to view this report.

Add filters

At the top of the report you can filter the data by opening, or by any of a large variety of filters, allowing you to narrow down on just the data you're looking to see. You can click "Add Filter" to filter this report:

How is this report useful?

Activities like scheduling interviews are usually time consuming, so if certain team members are bearing more of the work-load, it might result in inefficiencies in the hiring pipeline.

If a user is a Stage Coordinator across multiple openings, we can also drill-down to view the activities across each opening:

Download to Excel

As always, you can download this report to Excel, to store or edit the data further. You will find a "Download as excel" option for the overview report and a separate "Download as excel" option after clicking to see specific candidates in an opening and their individual Time to Hire information:

What other reports are in Trakstar Hire?

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