Integration: How can I add candidates to Checkr?

Background Checks are a big part of a lot of team's hiring processes. We'd like to make that easier! With our integration with Checkr, you can run these background checks directly from Hire.

What is it?

The connection with Checkr allows you to send your candidates for a background check from directly inside of Hire. You can also view the results once they come back, all within the candidate's profile.

How do I set it up?

Setup is simple! Any Super Admin user can get your account connected by following the steps under Settings > Advanced Settings >  Apps & Integration

Note: In order to send candidates via this integration, you must have "account hierarchy" enabled inside of Checkr. If you do not, you will see the following error when you attempt to send a candidate to Checkr:

I'm set up! Now what?

  • When enabled, you'll see a new "Background Check" tab inside of your Hire Candidate profiles.
  • This tab allows you to send the candidates for their background check, and review the results once they're back.
  • To send a new background check, click "Send for Background check"

Note: All user types except for Hiring Team Members will have access to this tab and the data inside of it.

  • Once you select to send for a background check, you'll pick which background check you'd like to order (this comes from your Checkr account):

  • Once the results are in, you'll see a summary inside the Hire candidate profile directly, and then you can click to see a detailed report inside of Checkr:

Want to learn more? Read our blog about what pre-employment background checks are and why they're important here.

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