Setting up your Candidates List View

Which candidates do I see in the Candidates List View?

On the left side of the Candidates list page you'll find options for filtering. These filters allow you to hone in on exactly what candidates you'd like to see.

You can even combine different filters, to build your own unique hiring list.

Some pre-set filters are available from the top right of this filters section:

If there's a certain list you wish to save as your default view each time you return to Hire and click over to the Candidates list view, we have also added a setting under Settings > App Preferences for you to set what you'd like to have the candidate list and the opening list default to:

And we have made it so you can save custom filters:

You can also set your new saved filter to be your default view right when you are naming it:

Can I see interview and review information from the Candidate list?

The Candidates View shows 20 candidates at a time with each candidate's row having the same height for a clean and simple overview of your candidate list. If a candidate has additional information on their profile, such as a pending interview, you will see a symbol next to that candidate's stage alerting you of additional info. If you mouseover this symbol, you'll see the extra information:

If you would prefer to see all these additional details by default without the need for a mouseover, you can choose the EXPAND option to make that change to your view:

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