Integration: SSO and Trakstar Domain Changes

As part of our process of unifying our brands within the Trakstar family, our next phase of work will include transitioning our domains.

If you utilize Single-Sign On (SSO) to log into the system, the documentation below discusses the work that will need to be completed by your technical team.

Anywhere in your identity provider that you reference the domain will need to be updated to You will be notified when you are able to utilize the new domain name for your SSO configuration. We will continue to support the legacy domain for some time, and there will be additional outreach prior to sunsetting support for the old domain. Some examples of changes that will need to be made within your SSO setup:

Depending on your identity provider and specific setup, you may have a “Login URL” field, which will need to be updated from<your namespace> to<your namespace>

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