Deep Dive: Managing Candidates

Now, for the exciting part: you've set up your openings and are ready for new candidates to apply!

How do I source candidates?

There are many ways to get candidates into the system, such as manual uploads or sharing links to your openings to apply directly.  You can read all about the different ways to source candidates and find what works for your team by looking through some articles here.

What's inside a candidate's profile?

The candidate's profile contains all of their application data (such as their resume & personal details), feedback & reviews left by your team during the hiring process, and their location in your hiring workflow.  Their profile also is home to some of Trakstar Hire's powerful tools, making it easy to collaborate with your team and communicate with the candidate!  You'll have the ability to schedule interviews & reviews, communicate with the candidate via email, leave comments on the profile, and even generate the candidate's offer letter, all from their profile.

How can I search for candidates?

Searching for candidates is a great way to find folks who meet specific criteria. From the Candidate List view (left sidebar), you can add all types of filters to find exactly the candidates you need, based on the opening they applied for, when they applied, a label that you've applied to specific candidates, or several other filter choices. You can read all about filtering your candidate list by clicking here.

You can also use the search field to look up a candidate by their name or email address or some other identifying information, and you can read all about using the "Advanced" search option by clicking here.

How can I communicate with my colleagues about a candidate?

We've built Trakstar Hire so that you can have all communication regarding a candidate directly inside of the Trakstar Hire application, and everything is saved in the candidate's profile. You can read about all of the ways to communicate with your coworkers by clicking here.

What else can I do with candidates?

There are many options for working with candidates, including sending them emails, scheduling interviews, and sending them for review. You can also check out more articles on working with candidates by clicking here.

What if I need help?

We love to help! The best way to reach our team is via email at

Within Trakstar Hire, you can reach us via the Question Mark button in the bottom left corner of your account.  Just click on "Ask" to send us a message!

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