Workflow: How to Connect Trakstar Hire and Trakstar Learn

Set up new hire onboarding and required training courses in Trakstar Learn through a seamless Trakstar Hire workflow. This natural continuation of the employee lifecycle allows you to go from Hire to Learn in a simple, integrated step.

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What is it?

The connection between Trakstar Learn and Trakstar Hire allows your team to move candidates you have marked as hired from Hire to Learn. Any account Super Admin can enable this integration. 

How do I set it up?

You’ll need an API key for Learn and a Hire Super Admin login to set this up. Reach out to us at, and we are happy to provide you with an API key for your Learn account! 

  • Once you have this code, you'll move into Hire and visit Settings > Advanced Settings > Apps & Integrations

  • Select Trakstar Learn > Connect to Trakstar Learn

You'll then see the box to input the API key from Trakstar Learn, which will link your accounts! *If you do not already have your API key, you will need to write to our Support Team at to receive this key. 

Once connected, the "Try Trakstar Learn" button will change to "Add to Trakstar Learn." 

I'm set up! Now what?

Great! Let's get some candidates moved over.

  • After marking a candidate as "Hired," you'll see the option to add the candidate to Trakstar Learn.

  • Once you click "Add to Trakstar Learn," a pop-up will let you fill in any necessary details. Click "Add to Trakstar Learn" again to send the candidate over.

Tip: Use your candidate's new work email address, and not their personal email address here, so they'll be able to access everything on their first day!

After submitting the pop-up, the candidate will be added to Learn on their start date. Learn will send an activation email to the email provided in the candidate's profile. 

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