Indeed/Glassdoor's Paid Postings

Are you ready to start a campaign or sponsor a job you've already posted from Hire?  We've got you covered!

Jobs Posted Directly on Hire

To start, make sure the Indeed + Glassdoor channel is toggled on.  You can access this via Settings > Job Post Settings

Once you've confirmed that Indeed + Glassdoor is toggled on, you can reach out to your Indeed Account Executive to discuss starting a campaign on your openings.

Not sure who your assigned Indeed account executive is? Reach out to Indeed directly. From within your Indeed Account directly here, or from their public web form here.

Suggested Language

Here is the suggested language to use in your communication with Indeed. It includes all relevant information that they will need to get your campaign started.


I would like to sponsor jobs posted on my career site, through my ATS, Trakstar. Please link my account [client email address associated with Indeed account] with the openings posted from [Hire account name] on Trakstar Hire's XML feed.

Thank you.

Not sure what your Hire account name is? Look in the URL when logged into your Hire account. Your account name is what appears before in the URL.

In the example in the screenshot below, happyfactory is the account name.

Jobs Posted Directly on Indeed

Perhaps you already have a campaign on a job that you've posted on Indeed - but not on Hire. If so, you'll need to create an opening in Hire and use a trackable link to funnel incoming candidates from Indeed into Hire.

Click "Openings" on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen

Your openings dashboard will display. Click on the name of the opening that you are looking for the unique job URL of:

The opening details will display. Choose the tab that says "Candidate Sources" in between Job Details & Workflow, and you will see the Application Link URL there:

If you would also like to track clicks from a specific location on this job URL, you can use the Share a trackable link option to connect a source to candidates who apply via the created link.

For example, if you enter "Indeed" in the share a trackable link window, you will notice that "?source=Indeed" is added to the end of the job URL, and the source for any candidates that apply through this modified link will be recorded as "Indeed"

You must click the blue Copy trackable link button in order for the source you typed to be saved as one of the sources that you are tracking across your candidates. 

Sharing the Trackable Link on Indeed or Glassdoor

To use your trackable link on Indeed's website, you must have:

  • An Indeed employer account
  • Have this feature enabled by your Indeed account executive

Not sure who your assigned Indeed account executive is? Reach out to Indeed directly:

  • Via web: From within your Indeed Account directly here or from their public web form here
  • Via phone: 1-800-462-5842

Once Indeed has enabled this feature in your account, you can follow the directions above to generate your trackable link.  

Next, create a new paid posting on Indeed. When prompted with "How would you like the candidates to apply," select "via an external site," and add your trackable link.  This will direct candidates to your Trakstar Hire application form for applying to your roles and properly track their sources!

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