Integration: Send emails to candidates from your company domain

Communicating with candidates is key to your hiring process.  If your team uses Gmail, candidates can see emails coming from (instead of

How do I turn it on?

  • First, a Super Admin enables the feature under Settings > Apps & Integration > Emails

  • Once this is enabled by a Super Admin, each of your users (who wish to write to candidates) will be required to sync their Gmail with Hire and use this method for messaging candidates.
  • Each person will sync their own email under Settings > Connected Accounts (this shows only once the integration is enabled account-wide).

  • If users try to send a message without syncing, they receive a note to complete this sync:

  • Once the sync is complete for a user, all replies to existing threads both in app and in your email will send from your own email domain. They will also be included in your "Sent" box in your Gmail, and in the candidate's profile directly.

Candidate communication in your Gmail account will automatically be tagged with a label called 'Hire'

Please note: If there is a delay between the time you enable the global setting and the time users sync their own Gmail account with Hire, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about! Candidate replies would continue to be received as normal and auto-acknowledgment emails (configured to be sent via your users’ ID) would continue to be sent as normal.

What happens once it is turned on?

With this feature on, your candidates will see emails coming from your own domain, instead of a Hire-branded domain. This could help with candidates better identifying emails from your hiring team during the hiring process.

You can continue to use candidate messaging inside Hire just as you have before. You can initiate emails from the "Emails" tab in the candidate's profile, and reply in-app or through your email notifications.

Some added benefits of this feature include: the ability to tag threads that you'd like to have imported into the candidate's profile (great for historical adding of emails, or if the candidate begins a new thread with you outside of a reply to a message you've started in app), as well as being able to see the messages you send from Hire in your "Sent" folder in Gmail directly.

Things to keep in mind when using this feature

  • This is still in beta/testing phase. If you run across a question or issue, please reach right out to us so we can take a further look!
  • This is a global feature. Once enabled, all users of your account will be required to send emails using this method.
  • Once a user connects their Gmail account, a label called “Recruiterbox” will be added to their Gmail account. If a label with this name already exists, we shall simply reuse that.
  • If you (or the candidate) happen to initiate a new thread outside of Hire, and would like for that email to be synced to the candidate profile, you simply need to add the label “Recruiterbox” to the conversation within Gmail. Once added, we'll automatically sync this thread with the candidate's profile.
  • This feature only works if your Gmail ID is the same as the email you use when logging into Hire, and the email of the candidate you're writing to exactly matches the ID on their candidate profile.
  • If you include recipients who are not users of Hire while sending a message from your Gmail, and then continue the conversation from inside the app, non-users in the message will not be included in further conversations
  • Hire can only sync emails from your Gmail inbox. If you have rules or filters that filter things out of your inbox directly, we won't be able to grab these messages
  • Syncing emails from your inbox to the candidate’s profile on Hire is not immediate. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes for the message to get synced into Hire

What if I need more help?

Feel free to reach out with questions or feedback at any time -!

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