Does Hire offer blind hiring or recruiting options?

Blind resume review is not a feature we offer in Trakstar Hire but something we see value in. Setting up the system to remove all identifiable candidate information is tricky, as our system was designed with transparency and collaboration in mind. Here are some helpful resources from our blog about how to reduce bias in your hiring process:

Our Unbiased Feedback feature may also be a good option for you. This provides tools that allow the Super Admin to create settings to only share feedback with all of the interviewers after their feedback is left - or not at all! 

For additional insight and information into DEI efforts for your HR team, we suggest checking out our webinar More Than Just Buzzwords: Empowering Your Team With DEI.

Over the last few years, there’s been a lot of talk surrounding DEI in the workplace: diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you aren’t centering these topics in your human resources plan, you may create an inhospitable environment at your organization that can lead to employee churn.

In all organizations, the human resources department leads the way in creating a better organizational culture. Our goal is to help you learn skills to support your intergenerational workforce, promote more empathy, uncover problem areas, and more.

Watch our webinar replay, and you’ll learn the following:

  • What is Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion? Why is it essential for organizations, especially HR leaders, to understand and value DEI in the workplace?
  • Bias in HR – and how to unravel it.
  • Emotional Intelligence – your teams’ best resource to push forward DEI and how to develop it
  • How does the Trakstar platform support DEI efforts for your team?

Click here to view the webinar!

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