Setting up SSO within Trakstar Hire

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What is Single Sign On?

Single sign-on (or SSO) is a method of authentication and log-in to an application with a single set of credentials, rather than having to remember multiple usernames and passwords across different softwares. 

Trakstar Hire can integrate with any SAML 2.0 identity provider to achieve a seamless login experience. Once users have authenticated with their organization’s identity provider, they are granted one-click access to Hire – simple, secure, and fast!

Configuring SSO and Hire

In order to set this up, you'll need a user who has Super Admin Hire access, and administrator access to your SSO software.  This can be the same person, or different folks - just buddy up so you can complete the necessary steps!

  • As an account Super Admin within your Hire account, go to Settings > SSO
  • Here you'll find your Single Sign-on URL and Audience URI information:
  • As an Admin on your SSO software, Log in to your Identity Provider (Idp)
  • Create an "Application" within your Identity Provider via SAML 2.0 sign-on method. Use the Single Sign-on URL and Audience URI from your settings page in Hire (mentioned above). Make sure the application user name is set as "Email" and the NameID format is “Emailaddress”

(Note: The steps vary from one Idp to another - the Administrator of the Idp account would know how this is done. If not, they would need to reach out to their Idp’s support team)

  • Configure the Idp application to allow access to all the relevant users within the organization
  • Copy the Identity Provider Metadata URL (Again, the Idp Admin would know where to find this)

  • Within Hire, navigate again to Settings > SSO, again, and enable SAML

  • Paste the metadata URL of the Identity Provider (mentioned above) in the Metadata URL field. For Okta, it looks something like this

  • Click on "Save" and you’re done!

Important points to note

  • User accounts need to be created in Hire before they can authenticate (and login) via the Identity provider. Configuring SSO only helps users login to Hire without having to remember their Hire credentials - but their accounts would manually need to be created in Hire.
  • Users accessing Hire from their identity provider will be signed into the application automatically
  • Once SSO is enabled, users cannot login via the Login page on the website. They need to login either via their identity provider or via https://{clientname}
  • Users accessing Hire from links in emails will be redirected to your identity provider (and signed right in, if already authenticated with your identity provider)
  • If you also use our Chrome Plugin to pull candidate profiles into your Hire account, you must log-in via SSO prior to using the plugin.  You will not be able to log-in via the plugin.

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