How can my users log in using Google Apps?

Logging in via Google Apps allows your users flexibility and convenience in their log in options.

Google Apps Account Setup

You can access the Google Apps setup page here .

Once you have this set up, you can also decide to set up it up where your users can self-add to the system (using their Google credentials for your company), or only log in if you manually add them under Settings > Users first. You can edit this setting from Settings > Users:

If they self add, they'll be the lowest user level automatically and only be able to see things that you then assign to them. They will be able to create items in your account, depending on your user levels.

Login with Google Apps

Alternatively, your users may wish to authorize their Google login as their method for logging in to Hire. This works for folks who are current users of your account, via a Google Email address.

Note: This is not the same as SSO (Single Sign-On). Hire cannot support Google SSO, as Google does not provide a Metadata URL, which is required in the Hire SSO settings.

For this option, they can click on "Login with Google Apps" directly from the login page:

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