Filtering Candidates on the Candidate List

On the left side of the Candidates list page you'll find new options for filtering. These filters allow you to hone in on exactly what candidates you'd like to see.

You can even combine different filters, to build your own unique hiring list.

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Filters in action:

When you combine a number of different filters, you're able to hone in on exactly what candidates you are after:

Preset Filters:

First, you can pick from the list of preset filters. These are what you are accustomed to seeing on the left side of your candidate list -

Adding more filters:

Below the "Preset Filters" you will find a button that says "Add Filter" - this lets you create your own filter combinations:

New filters to check out

While all of the filters are exciting, there are a few that are fun and new!

  • Application Questions - this lets you filter by a candidate's response to questions on the application form. For example, if you want to see only candidates who have responded "yes" to the question Do you have a drivers license? and 5+ years to your question How much experience do you have driving?, you can now filter by one, or multiple application questions! 
  • Pending Tasks - this lets you filter by tasks pending on yourself, or someone else! For example, if a coworker is out of the office, you could filter to see all the candidates which have tasks pending on that person, and cover for them until they are back!
  • Candidate assigned to - this lets you filter by who the candidate is assigned to
  • Opening assigned to - this lets you filter by who who is working on the opening which the candidate is assigned to
  • Evaluation rating - see candidates who have received certain ratings in their review and interview evaluations.  Note - for interviews, this pulls based on the "overall rating" at the bottom of the evaluation form, and does not include custom evaluation questions. This pulls if there are any candidates who have received the rating you are searching based on (i.e. if the candidate has three thumbs down ratings from users, and one thumbs up, it would display if you searched for either thumbs down or thumbs up). 
  • Candidate aging filter - Use the "Time spent in current stage" filter to filter by the length of time candidates have been in their current stage. This is handy to make sure no one is falling through the cracks, or, to clear out bottlenecks in your processes!

Save filters, and set your default filters

To save filters, click "Save Filter Group"

When saving, you can also set this as a default filter, meaning it will be the filter which displays each time you open the candidate list:

Alternatively, you can set any of the preset filters as your default under Settings > App Preferences:

You can find your saved filters under the dropdown at the top of the candidate list:

Should you need to delete a filter you create or edit the name, you can do so by clicking the edit pencil to the right of the filter:

View the list in compact or expanded view

By default, we've made the new list compact - so you can quickly see all of the candidates on one page.

If you'd like to expand out the events under each candidate (their upcoming interviews, etc), you can do so by the toggle on the top right of the page:

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