Customizing your company logo shared on social sites

When sharing on social sites it is important that your company logo look top-notch.  As such, we've added a special place to upload an image that is then used whenever you share your jobs on social media. 

Where do I add this image?

Any of your account Super Admins can update this image under Settings > Job boards & Publishing > Careers Site. Scroll to the bottom of the page to add your Social media image.

What images work best?

An image that is 1600W X 840H pixels, and is saved in a JPG or PNG format works best.  We also recommend keeping any text or logos in the "Safe Area" - a square of 760X760 pixels.  Typically your marketing team can help out with finding a logo that is that size. 

It is also best if the logo has a solid or a white background - not transparent.

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