How To Set an Auto Close Date for your Openings

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An auto-close date on your opening allows you to set what date you'd like to stop accepting candidates. Many teams find this feature helpful if their opening has a specific date range for which they'd like to collect applicants or if they'd like not to worry about manually closing the opening after a few weeks.  

Once the auto-close date is set inside the opening, we'll change the opening's status to "Not Accepting Candidates" when the date passes.  It's as simple as that - set it and forget it! Of course, if you realize you still need to gather more candidates, you can reopen the opening any time!

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Turning on the Auto-Close date Option

The auto-close option can be enabled by your account Super Admins.  Find this feature under Settings > Opening Configurations.

Once on this page, you can toggle this feature on and off:

Setting the Auto-Close Date on Opening Creation

Once the auto-close date feature is turned on, you'll see this field when creating new openings.  From here, you can set a date for the opening to auto-close.

Setting the Auto-Close Date on an Existing Opening

If you'd like to set an auto-close date on an opening that is already created, you can do so by clicking "Set Close Date" underneath the opening title, inside of the opening details:

This opens a panel to set the auto-close date.

Editing the Auto-Close date on an Existing Opening

Once set, you can edit the auto-close date at any time by clicking "Edit Close Date" underneath the opening title, inside of the opening details:

This opens a panel to edit the auto-close date.

Where is the Auto-Close date Seen?

The auto-close date is visible:

- Inside your Trakstar Hire account within the opening itself: 

- To the candidate on the Hosted Careers Site:

- To the candidate on the Hosted Careers Site, inside of each job itself: 

What happens when the close date passes? 

A week before the set close date, we send the opening creator and any job admins on the opening an email notification that the opening is closing soon. If you wish to extend the close date, feel free to do so.

The opening will close at 12 am  India Standard Time. If you'd like to know precisely what time this is in your time zone, click here to calculate.

Once the close date does passes we move the opening automatically from a Published status to a Not Accepting Candidates status. This also removes the opening from public view, your Hosted Site and Jobs Widget, and takes it down from the job boards. We'll also again notify (via email) the opening creator and the any job admins on the opening that the opening has been closed.

Keep in mind that the job boards can take up to 48 hours to fully sync with changes made inside of Trakstar Hire. 

If your candidates were to try to visit a direct link to the job opening after the expiration date, we alert them with the following message:

After the close date has passed, you can re-open the opening (and set a new close date) at any time. 

Are auto-close dates optional?

Yes! This feature can be turned on or off globally for your full account by any account Super Admins.

Even when turned on, the field is optional. Should a close date not apply for that position, you do not have to set it.

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