Moving Candidates Through Stages

Need to progress candidates through the hiring process, or make a decision on them? Here's how!

Click on "Candidates" on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen then on the name of the candidate you'd like to move to a new stage:

The candidate profile will display. You can review the candidate's current stage as well as movement through stages, via the Candidate Timeline on the right side of the profile:

You can use the blue button to move the candidate to the next stage, or click the arrow to choose a different stage or mark them as Hired: 

What happens when I move a candidate to a review stage?

When you move a candidate into a pre-configured review stage, the reviewers listed are sent a request to review the candidate.

This is done either automatically or manually depending on how you have the stage configured in the "Manage your Hiring Workflow" setup

How do I put a candidate on hold for later?

At times you may want to put the candidate on hold, but have them re-enter the pipeline later. You can do this by clicking the arrow next to the Reject button on the Candidate's Timeline, and selecting "Put on Hold":

Then, pick the date you'd like the candidate to re-enter the process, and then add an optional note. The candidate will exit the hiring pipeline for now and return to the stage they were last in on the date selected.

The candidate will also display as "On Hold" when viewed in the system:

You can remove the candidate from the hold status from the Candidate Timeline on the right side of the profile

How do I mark the candidate as rejected?

When the candidate is finished in the hiring process, you can use the "Reject" button to reject the candidate. You can also use the dropdown to choose the reason the candidate is exiting the hiring process:

  • When you choose to move a candidate in to a decisioned state, you are given the option to add a reason

Note - these reasons can be edited as well as made mandatory by account Super Admin under Settings > Reasons for Reject and other Decision States

How do I mark the candidate as hired?

Awesome! You found your pick! Time to mark the candidate as hired! This can be done by clicking the arrow next to the blue "Move to next stage" button on the Candidate's Timeline:

(Please note: If you have a lot of stages, you may have to scroll down to see Mark as Hired at the very bottom.)

When you mark a candidate as hired, you can choose if you would like to lock their profile - keeping future users added from being able to see their candidate profile:

How do I archive the candidate?

The candidate can be archived at any time via the "Archive" choose on the "Reject" dropdown:

You can also choose a reason you are archiving the candidate:

This candidate is a SPAM candidate - how do I mark them as such?

You can choose the "Mark as SPAM" option under the "Reject" dropdown:

A candidate who is incorrectly marked as SPAM can be reverted back into the hiring process via the candidate timeline:

Do I have to select a reason when I move a candidate to a decisioned state?

By default, it is mandatory to include a reason when moving a candidate to a decisioned state. Any account Super Admin can make this not mandatory under Settings > Reasons for Reject and other decisioned states

This can be configured for each decisioned state.

Are candidates notified when I move them to a new stage?

No - candidates only have access to things that you send them through auto-responses to application submission and through candidate messaging. When you change the stage of the candidate, you can choose to also open candidate messaging to send the candidate a message regarding the change.

Questions? Feel free to reach out at any time!

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