How do I create template openings to copy from for future postings?

Creating template job postings is a great way to save time and keep consistency across your job postings. Many teams create one template to use every time, or, they create a template for each department or division. 

Why would I create template openings?

Once created, you can copy template openings to create all future postings. When you copy an opening, we pull forward:

  • Job Description
  • Additional Job Fields
  • Hiring Stages
  • Application form questions
  • Users assigned to the opening

Creating the basic setup, or shell, of your hiring process in a template opening allows you to consistently copy forward this information each time you need to create an opening.

How do I create a template opening?

Creating a template opening is just the same as creating a regular opening, with a few exceptions:

  • We recommend naming the opening "Template - (department, or, role)" so that it's easy to find
  • When filling in the job description, fill in the details that are repeatable - for example, your company details, or benefits - the things that stay the same across all of the roles that this template will be used for, and leave the rest of the job description to be filled in after you make the copy in your future opening
  • Add the hiring stages and application questions that are used most frequently, keeping in mind that you can edit these when copying the opening in the future
  • Keep the opening in a status of "Used Internally" to avoid having it published on your website or job boards 

New to creating openings? Learn how here:

How do I use my template(s), once it's created?

To use the template, click to create a new opening. On the first opening creation page, you'll see an option for "Copy Details From" - this allows you to copy from your template opening. Search for the word "Template" - and find the opening you created as your template:

Click the template to pull in the details you've built. Now, edit the opening to fit this particular role - and you're done! Opening creation, made so much easier! 

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