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Would you like a quick website to share your jobs? We've got you covered! Each Trakstar Hire account comes with a free Hosted Careers website for sharing your jobs!

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What jobs will display on my Hosted Careers Site?

The Hosted Careers Site displays any published jobs you have in your account. It will not display Used Internally, Not Accepting Candidates, or Archived jobs.

Where can I share my Hosted Careers Site?

You can share your Hosted Careers Site anytime you'd like to to direct applicants to your jobs! You can share it on social media, on job boards such as Craigslist or Reddit, or in your local online classifieds. You can also push your jobs directly to job boards using Trakstar Hire.

What if I want to display my Trakstar Hire jobs directly on my website?

We've got you covered there as well! Check out our Jobs Widget - with a simple code and less than 10 minutes, the Jobs Widget will take on the look and feel of your own website, displaying the jobs and allowing the candidates to apply seamlessly, without leaving your website.

What is the web address for my Hosted Careers Site? Can I edit the text on the site? What about adding my logo?

You can certainly customize your Hosted Careers Site! Any Super Admin on the account has access to do this. The web address for the Hosted Careers Site is [your company name] You can verify your site name as well as edit the site by the following steps:

  • Click on the arrow next to your initials to access "Company Settings" in the upper right corner of your account

  • Under "Job Boards and Publishing" you'll find "Careers Site" - click here to view and edit your site information

  • Once inside, you will be on the tab for the Hosted Careers Site.

  • A link to your hosted site will display at the top of the page. This is the link you can share to direct people to your job openings. You can also click on this link to see how the live page looks after you've made changes you've made to the site.
  • To the right of this link, you can also toggle your hosted site on or off by clicking on Deactivate.
  • Below this you can edit your company details, change the background image, or even add a logo!

Below this, you can also edit the filters you'd like to have present on your Hosted Site:

This includes filters such as radius search*, country, state, city, other locations (if you've free-typed a location) and team. You can turn each of these on or off from this page.

* Radius search is only available on specific pricing plans. This feature allows candidates to enter their zipcode, and find job openings near their location. This works in conjunction with our Work Address feature. Interested? Feel free to reach out to our team!

What are "Teams"?

Great question! Teams are categories that you set - they could be departments (such as "Marketing" or "Sales"), or perhaps regions or areas (such as "United States" and "Canada"). It is completely customizable for how you'd like to group the jobs.

  • When you select "Teams," you will be able to manage the team setup from this page as well, simply click "Manage teams"

  • Now click the checkbox beside any openings you'd like to be in your first team, and then click "Move to Team"

  • Type in the name of the team. If you already have an opening in this team, it will find that team as you type for you to add this opening to. If this is a new team, you will type the full team name in here. To save the team selection, click "Save"

  • Afterwards, you'll be able to see the team you selected for your opening
  • Continue these steps until all of your openings are organized to your liking

Once you have your Hosted Careers Site set up, make sure to share the link to it to help applicants find your jobs!

What if I want to change my company name on my hosted career's weblink?

Certainly! Any Super Admin on the account has access to do this! Here are the steps to change the website link:

  • Click on the arrow next to your initials to access "Company Settings" in the upper right corner of your account

  • Select "Company Profile"

  • Here you can change your company name (which displays in email communication and at the top of the login page) and your hosted site name (which is the website link). Note that the hosted site must be a unique name - if another company is already using a hosted site, it will not be available

  • Click save after you've made your changes!
    • Note - you can't change the part of the web address

Do I need to do anything when I add or edit jobs?

No. The jobs will update automatically on the Hosted Careers Site.

Would you rather share your jobs on your own website? We have a slick Jobs Widget to help you do this in 10 minutes or less! You can also push your jobs directly to job boards as well as share links to specific jobs on Social Media.

Questions? Feel free to reach out at any time!

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