Navigating Around Trakstar Hire

When you're somewhere new the first thing you do is take a quick tour around. We're excited to welcome you to our house, and looking forward to showing you the grand tour!

Trakstar Hire Views

Trakstar Hire is divided into five main views:

Each of these view helps you to manage your hiring process.

Dashboard View

On the Dashboard you will see new candidates and upcoming tasks pending on you. Watch our video here to learn all about the Dashboard!

Hire Requests View

With the Hire Request feature, you can request a headcount and approval for the new position through a fully customizable form.

Not seeing 'Hire Requests'? Reach out to and we're happy to discuss pricing!

Openings List View

On the Openings List you see all of the openings that are assigned to you. You can click directly on the number of candidates listed on the right side to see the list of active candidates for that particular opening:

You can use filters on the left hand side to find exactly the specific openings you wish to manage:

You can also create openings from this view:

Candidates List View

Check out the Candidates List to begin reviewing your candidates. You can choose an Opening from the top bar:

And you can choose a stage right below the top bar of openings in order to see all candidates in a particular stage of your hiring process:

You can also use filters on the left hand side to narrow down to the exact candidates you wish to review:

Watch our video all about using filters on the Candidate List here.

Clicking on any of the candidates in the list will open their profile.  A blue dot to the left of a candidate indicates a new action on the candidate. A red symbol is used to indicate when the candidate has a duplicate application in your account:


The last view option is the Calendar view. The Calendar helps you keep track of interviews and todos that are scheduled for you. You can toggle between the "Agenda" and "Grid" view, for different displays.

You can also use the left hand menu options for other views of this page. As a note - account Super Admins have the option to see interviews and todos of  all users.

Other Helpful Pages

There are also some other important pages in Trakstar Hire including:

  • Universal Account Search
  • Settings
  • Reports

Universal Account Search

The Universal Search feature helps you to search all throughout your Trakstar Hire account through one handy search function.

This search option is found in the lower left bar of your account (Or by clicking the keyboard shortcut of ctrl/cmd + k).


The Settings page can be accessed by choosing the settings gear icon from the bottom left of the screen, or clicking on your initials in the upper right hand corner. You can edit your own account and profile, as well as the settings for your company (if you are a Super Admin).

This is where you need to go to do things such as: setting up your profile, editing your email notifications, setting up a custom email signature, and much more!

As a Super Admin the settings page also helps you control company settings, such as setting up users, pricing plans and billing information.


Reports can be accessed by clicking the graph icon on the bottom of the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen.

Your level of reporting will vary based on your user access. If there is a particular report you're after, let us know! We're happy to help!

What if I need help?

We love to help! The best way to reach our team is via email at

Within Trakstar Hire you can reach us via the Question Mark button in the bottom left corner of your account.  Just click on "Ask" to send us a message

The folks here on the Customer Success team are excited to have you on board, and we look forward to hearing from you!

~ Chelsea, Ran, Ryan, Jessie, TJ, & Matt

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