How can I lock access to candidates?

As you move candidates to a decision state (hired, archived, rejected, etc.) - you may want to lock their profiles, to prevent current or future employees from being able to view their profile.

This is simple to do with the Lock Access feature!

What does "Locked Access" mean

When you lock access to a candidate's profile, you choose who has access to the profile from your current users.

In addition, any new users added in the future will not have access to this profile.

Locked profiles will not be visible in the system to users who are locked out of them.

How do I lock access for hired candidates?

  • When you mark a candidate as "Hired" in the system, it will pop up automatically and ask you if you wish to block access to their account.
  • To customize the access, click "Customize who has access."

  • Choose the employees you'd like to retain access to now, and then click "Lock Access" to lock the access.

How do I lock access for all other decisioned candidates?

  • All other decisioned candidates (such as those marked as rejected, archived, etc.) can also be locked.

  • This does not appear automatically when you move a candidate into this status, but you can access the option under the 3-dot icon dropdown on the sidebar.

After that, you'll follow the same process as you did for locking access to the hired candidate.

How can I edit the locked user list or disable the lock?

Clicking the 3-dot icon button to the right of the lock access status box from within the candidate's timeline will ultimately let you edit access or unlock it.

Can I lock access for non-decision candidates?

Non-decisioned candidates can not be locked in the same manner. However, you can always add current users to the "Prohibited Users" list. This allows you to block (or unblock) any current user from seeing the candidate's profile. Access this from the top right dropdown within the candidate's profile.

What other options do I have for making data private in my account?

Click here for more examples of ways to make data private within Trakstar Hire!

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