How to share your jobs on social media, or share a link to your jobs

Sharing your jobs on social media platforms is a great way to engage applicants! There are two ways to share your job openings - directly on social media using our "Share your Opening" box, and elsewhere on the web using the unique job URL.

Using the "Share your Opening" Box

You can quickly share an opening on social media using the "Share your Opening" box on the right side of the opening details. Here is how you find the box:

  • Click "Openings" on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen.

  • Your openings dashboard will display. Click on the name of the opening that you'd like to share on social media.

  • The opening details will display. On the right side of the screen you will see options to share your opening through your social media accounts.

  • When you share a link on a particular social network, and then someone applies through that link, their source will be captured in the candidate's profile.

This will also display on the Source Report (Reports > Source Report)

  • Another great way to engage your team to also find great applicants for the job is to copy the tweet text and link and email it to the rest of your team to share it on their accounts as well!

Using the unique job URL

In addition, each job in Trakstar Hire has a unique job URL, so sharing other places is simple as well! The unique job URL is great for sharing your job on other social media sites, on additional job boards such as Craigslist, Reddit or LinkedIn, or in your local classified ads.

Here are the steps to locate a unique job URL:

  • Click "Openings" on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen

  • Your openings dashboard will display. Click on the name of the opening that you are looking for the unique job URL of:

  • The opening details will display. Choose the tab that says "Candidate Sources" in between Job Details & Workflow, and you will see the Application Link URL there:

If you would also like to track clicks from a certain location on this job URL, you can use the "Share a trackable link" option to connect a source to candidates who apply via the created link.
For example, if you enter "XYZ" in the share a trackable link window, you will notice that "?source=XYZ" is added to the end of the job URL, and the source for any candidates that apply through this modified link will be recorded as "XYZ":

You must click the blue "Copy trackable link" button in order for the source you typed to be saved as one of the sources that you are tracking across your candidates. Copy the link, then go to the site you listed and create your opening with this link as the way for candidates to apply. Trakstar Hire will track their source for you via that link.

Interested in sharing all of your jobs? Consider setting up your Hosted Careers Site. You can also push jobs directly to our Job Boards as well as embed your jobs on your company website using the Jobs Widget.

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