How to change your email address

Things change - and so do email addresses! Read below to learn how to change your email address in the system.

First, click on the arrow next to your initials to access " Personal Settings" in the upper right corner of your account.

Then select Profile and Password:

From here, you can click "Edit" to the right of your previous Email address:

Now you can enter your new email address, and your password (for security!). Finally, you'll click "Update" to save the change. 

We have now sent a verification link via email to the email you are changing to, as well as a notification to the email address you were using previously.

You'll see a verification notification in the system, as well as on the top bar of your account:

Until you click on the link in your new email to confirm your new address, your previous email will be used to log in and receive notifications.

On the settings page (Settings > Profile and Password), you can also cancel this change if need be:

Once you click to verify your new email address, you will be logged out of all current Hire sessions so you can log back in using your new email address. 

Everything else, including your password, will remain the same. 

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