How to change your email address

Click on Settings > Profile & Password:

Click Edit next to your current email address:

Now you can enter your new email address, and your password (for security!) and click Update:

Once you click Update, you'll see a green confirmation window like this:

You'll receive an email to your new email with a verification link to verify your new address. The email comes from and looks like this:

Until you click on the Confirm new email button/link, you'll see a banner in the system at the top of the page:


  • Until you click on the link in your new email to confirm your new address, your previous email will be used to log in and receive notifications.
  • Once you click to verify your new email address, you will be logged out of all current Hire sessions so you can log back in using your new email address. 
  • Everything else, including your password, will remain the same

Can I cancel my email update?

Yep! You can go back to Settings > Profile & Password to cancel it.

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