Advanced Candidate Search

Here at Trakstar Hire we've made it easy to search for candidates in your account!  Watch the video below or read on to learn more.

Where do I search for candidates?

  • You can do a search for specific words (including names) in candidate profiles by typing one or more keywords in the Candidates search box from the "Candidates" page in your Trakstar Hire account.

  • Need to filter further? Click the "Advanced" option at the right of the Candidates search box to access the Advanced Candidate Search, which allows you greater control over searching in candidate profiles.

You can enter a keyword in the search text box, then choose where in the profile to look for this keyword. If you choose two options, the text may appear in one or both of these places.

You can also specify if you want to narrow the candidates by a specific label, opening, or stage:

*Note - you can search across more than one label! 

You can search across decisioned stages, such as hired, on hold, rejected, archived, for even more accurate results:

You can search for candidates who answered an application question in a particular way:

Lastly, you can search by the source, channel, or creation/application date:

You can fill in as many of the search terms as you would like. After you've created your search parameters, you'll click "Search," and the candidates who match this search criteria will display.

What type of search parameters can I use?

Candidate search is based on Boolean search term operators, which allow you to search for very specific search criteria.  You can enter these into the search box, after expanding down to view the Advanced Search:

  • Here are a few examples of Boolean Search terms:

    1. If you’d like to search for candidates who have mentioned multiple technologies in their resume, here is an example query:

    react AND python

    This search query would result in a set of candidates who have mentioned BOTH React and Python in their application.

    2. If you’d like to search for candidates who have experience in either Python or React, this is the search string to use:

    python OR react

    This search query would result in a set of candidates who have mentioned at-least one of Python or React in their application.

    3. The above are simple examples. We can get more inventive with search strings:

    (business administration OR MBA) AND (finance OR strategy)

    The search would first compute what is within the brackets. So this would result in a set of candidates who have either a Business Administration or an MBA in either Finance or Strategy.

    4. An example of nested search strings. In this case, the innermost brackets are computed first:

    (business administration AND (MBA OR finance)) AND (commerce)

Can I sort the search results?

Yes! When you are on a candidate search result list, you can sort the list by the arrows on the top right corner!

Does this search through archived and active candidates?

Yes, this will search all candidates that you have access to as a user.

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