Can I report on how long it takes for a candidate to be hired? (Time to Hire Report)

The Time to Hire report allows you a glimpse at the time it takes for candidates to move through your hiring process.

Why is this important?

Understanding the time candidates spend in your hiring process can help you identify any delays in your workflow. It also helps you improve your candidate experience - because no one wants to be left waiting around!

How do I access the report?

You can access this report from your reports dashboard, just as you do your other reports.

  • Click the "Reports" icon on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen.

This displays the Reporting Dashboard. Click on "Time to Hire" to view this report.

What is in the report?

Within the report, you'll see a bar graph depicting the average time to hire for all of your openings or any set of openings you choose to filter for the view: 

The report contains a large variety of filters to allow you to narrow down on just the openings you're looking to see. You can click "Add Filter" to filter this report:

You can add as many filters as you'd like, to get to just what you're after:

You can even sort the report to display in your desired order:

Below the graph, you'll see a breakdown per opening of the average time to hire and the number of candidates hired:

Clicking on the blue number of candidates will open a side panel and show you the time to hire each candidate:

You can always download this report to Excel to further store or edit the data. You will find a "Download as Excel" option for the overview report and a separate "Download as Excel" option after clicking to see specific candidates in an opening and their Time to Hire information:

What if I have openings where I have not marked anyone as "Hired"?

These openings will not display on the report.

Does this report tell me the time it took to fill a position?

No. This report is designed to depict the time to hire - or the time from when a particular candidate enters your account until they are marked as "Hired" - it does not depict time to fill - or the time from when you create a position until you mark a candidate as hired.

What other reports do you have?

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