Excel Report: Stage Changes

The Excel reports within Hire allow you to pull comprehensive data to view and work with outside the system. This article will cover the details of the Interview Reports within the Excel reports.

Steps to pull the report:

Click the " Reports" icon on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen:

At the bottom of your Reports Dashboard, choose "Excel Reports":

You can select one of our pre-configured time frames, or select the ‘Custom’ option to enter your preferred date range:

Select “Stage Changes Report”, and then Click "Generate Report" at the bottom of the page and the report will be emailed to you:

Note: The report should land in your inbox within ten minutes. Be sure to check your spam / promotions folders! If you still don’t see it, give us a shout at hire@trakstar.com for us to investigate!

Data in the Stage Changes Report

What data is shown in this report? Let's break down each field and column in the Excel report.

  • Candidate Name: Candidate name
  • Candidate Email: Candidate email address
  • Candidate Phone: Candidate phone number
  • Opening ID: An internal, unique, system-generated ID that is specific to a job opening 
  • Opening Public ID: A public, unique, system-generated ID code that is specific to a job opening
  • Opening Name: The job opening the candidate applied to / was assigned to
  • Stage: The stage the candidate is in
  • Decision Status:In Process - the candidate has not been decisioned and is still activeRejected - the candidate has been rejectedHired - the candidate has been marked as hiredWithdrawn - the candidate has withdrawn their applicationDeclined Offer - the candidate has declined the offerOn Hold - your team has put the candidate on hold for a later dateArchived - your team has archived the candidate
  • Decision Reason: The reason that a candidate was rejected or decisioned the way they were
  • Decision Description: Your team has the ability to free-type more details about the rejection reason. If they do, those details will show here
  • Person who changed the stage: The user on your team who changed the candidate from one stage to another
  • Date of change: The date the change happened
  • Time of change: The time the change happened
  • Stage Coordinator: The coordinator assigned to that stage

Where do I see the change chronologically?

To see a candidate’s journey through the stages, you’ll need to use Excel's Sort & Filter feature to sort the spreadsheet by name. Then you can see their name grouped together on the Excel file, with the dates associated with those changes. Here is how you can learn about filtering in Microsoft Excel. See image:

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you aren’t finding your question or answer here, feel free to reach out to us at hire@trakstar.com, and we’d be happy to help!

Can I customize what this report pulls?

The system is hardcoded to pull all the data fields that are in this report. If there is a column in this report you don’t need, you can always delete it from the Excel file once you’ve downloaded it!

Can I only pull the data for specific openings or candidates?

This report was designed to pull the data for all openings within the date range you select. Once you’ve downloaded the Excel file, you can sort the report by openings and remove the ones you do not wish to see. 

How do I sort or filter the data in the Excel file?
Once you download the Excel file, you can filter or sort the data in a number of ways that fits your needs. Here is how you can learn about filtering in Microsoft Excel.

Can I download this report in any other format?
The system automatically puts the report in Excel format, but you can upload to Google Sheets if you’d like!

Can the system send reports to non-users?
When generating a report, the system will email the report to the user’s email address who generated the report. You can always forward the report to a non-user once you receive the report.

What if the report doesn’t come to my email?
Please check your spam folder to make sure the report hasn't landed there. If you still can't locate it, please reach out to us at hire@trakstar.com.

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