Trakstar Hire Dashboard

The Trakstar Hire Dashboard is your one-stop shop for everything you need to do next in your hiring. Get a quick "pulse check" on how your hiring is doing at this very moment, including pending tasks to help you keep you organized and focused.

The dashboard displays tasks for candidates who are actively in the hiring process and assigned to openings in an active status (Published, Used Internally, Not accepting candidates).Candidates who have been "designed" (rejected, withdrawn, etc.) or candidates who are assigned to closed (archived) openings do not display in your dashboard, as these statuses indicate being done with hiring tasks for these candidates.

Today's Agenda

If you have any Interviews scheduled for today, we will note that at the very top, along with a link to your calendar to view details:

At A Glance and Reports

Below today's agenda are boxes that highlight updates and essential tasks:

NEW CANDIDATES ADDED: This is the number of candidates that have been assigned to within the last seven days who are in the first stage of an opening. Screen candidates as early as possible after applying to kickstart their hiring journey!

CANDIDATES TO VIEW: The number of candidates assigned to you, regardless of their stage and opening. Be sure to work on candidates once they become your responsibility to keep the hiring process moving!

INTERVIEWS TO SCHEDULE: This is the number of candidates assigned to you in Interview Stages but has yet to have an interview scheduled. Schedule interviews with candidates to keep them involved and engaged with your team!

EVALUATIONS TO SUBMIT: This is the number of candidates you have already interviewed that you need to submit a post-interview evaluation for. Be sure to fill out evaluations soon after an interview to capture your immediate reaction and let your team know whether or not a candidate should move to the next stage!

Each highlight box links to a specific report to help you dive deeper into those items we believe are essential to understanding and improving your hiring processes. Click through to view your custom report:

You can also click on any of the numbers or titles of these boxes to view a list of the candidates within that category:


Quick access to several reports - metrics available at a glance:

Pending Tasks and Important Reminders

At the bottom of your Dashboard are tasks, broken up by Your Tasks and Everything Else (tasks for others):

Your Tasks: Think of these tasks as your To-Do list. These are the items you need to complete or be aware of to do your part in the hiring process, including but not limited to:

  • Candidates that are ready for you to move to the next stage in the hiring process (or decision)
  • Interviews you have scheduled for today
  • Candidates you have to send for reviews to colleagues
  • Reviews pending on you
  • New emails from candidates
  • New internal comments for you, including comments waiting on a response from you
  • Offer letters that need your approval and signature

Everything Else: These are tasks pending on others for candidates you are responsible for. Use this list to make sure others are doing their part in the hiring process, including but not limited to:

  • Evaluations and reviews you sent to colleagues that they've yet to complete
  • Interview invites that have not been accepted by colleagues
  • Internal comments with pending responses from colleagues

Filtering Your dashboard

Filter by Opening: Feel like you have too much to look at? You can filter your Dashboard by a specific opening by clicking the "Across all openings" button in the top right of your dashboard:

Then start typing the name of an opening to find it on the list, or scroll through all your accessible openings to find the one you want:

You can filter by more than one opening as well by repeating the above steps:

Filter by User: For Super Admins on our top-level plans, you can also filter the Dashboard by a user to see what they're working on. To do this, start by clicking the "Dashboard for: You" button in the top right of your dashboard:

Then start typing the name of a colleague to find them on the list, or scroll through all your entire user list to find the individual whoso dashboard you'd like to see:

Are you not seeing this in your account? Feel free to email to learn more!

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