How can my employees refer candidates?

It's no secret that your team has great talent on it already. Why not let them help pick the future stars as well? With the latest addition of Employee Referrals you can do just that!

What is it?

The Employee Referral setup allows you to designate certain jobs open for employee referrals.  You can then generate a link to share with your internal team.

Employees can add their referrals to the system using this link. They can also see the progress of their referrals through the hiring process.

Who has access?

The Employee Referral setup has been rolled out to all users on our Pro Plus Plans. Interested in an upgrade? Reach out to us here!

How do I enable employee referral for an opening?

Watch this quick video on Employee Referrals, or read on to learn more!

  • Click " Openings" on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen

  • Click on the opening you'd like to turn the employee referral option on for

  • The opening details will display. Choose the tab that says "Candidate Sources" in between Job Details & Job Settings, and click "Manage" next to the Employee referral section:

  • Here you can enable/disable employee referral for this opening. You can also click to invite colleagues via email, or click "Copy details to send manually" to see the link that you could then share with your employees however you need:

Note: This link is designed to ONLY be shared with your employees. Sharing it elsewhere can open your candidate pool up to spam uploads

What do my referral employees see?

This link will show every opening you've enabled for referral. 

The first time they click on "Refer a Friend" they will be asked to add their email address, so they can keep up with their referrals! If they already have set up their account, they can click "Login" on the top right corner of the screen.  This sets them us a unique Trakstar Hire user, who only has access to this referral information - not to any additional information in your Trakstar Hire account.

Now, they can add their friends information

After adding a candidate, if this is the first time the employee has added a referral, they'll receive an email with a link to set a password for the next time they want to use the system.

The employee can also see the status of their referred candidates by clicking on "My Referrals" at the top of the screen

Can my employees share a link to have their referrals apply on?

Yes! Within the employee referral page there is a special link they can generate. This link can be shared with their referrals for applying. The link also tracks them as the person who referred the candidate.

Note: This link is different than the link you share with the employee to access the employee referral page. The link to the employee referral page should not be shared with anyone outside your company

Are my referral employees then users of the system?

Referral users are added under your "Referrers" tab on your "Settings > Users" page. They do not have access to any other part of the system.

If you later add them as a full user, they'll move from the "Referrers" user list, to your "Hiring Users" list.

What if a current system user wants to refer their friends?

Any user who is a full user can also see the available referral openings by clicking on "My Referrals" at the top right of their account

What is the source of these candidates?

Any candidate added through the Employee Referral system will show the source of "Employee Referral"

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