Using the Chrome Plugin for gathering candidates from Linkedin, Angelist, Github, and more

Yes! We do have a Chrome plugin for sourcing candidates and we're excited to share it with you!

Where can I download the plugin?

  • You can download the plugin by clicking here.
  • Once downloaded, you can click the Trakstar Hire icon on your Chrome plugin bar when you're ready to source candidates from a site

What sites does it work on?

The plugin can currently automatically grab candidate data from:

  • Github
  • Angel List
  • LinkedIn
  • Behance

Pro Tip: Since the fields on the Chrome Plugin are editable, you can use this anywhere you are on the web. Simply open the plugin, and manually enter the data.

What data does it pull?

The Chrome Plugin will gather the candidate's profile picture, first name and last name, email, link to the social media profile you are pulling from, and a short description (as available per site's privacy policies).  All of the fields are also editable, and free text - so you can add more information or edit what we automatically pull over.

  • After you've entered the information, you can pick which opening and stage you'd like to add this candidate to from the bottom of the plugin

  • Now simply click "Add to Trakstar Hire" and your candidate will be uploaded!

  • If a candidate with this email address has already been added to your account, you will be warned of a potential duplicate candidate

My company uses SSO, can I use the Chrome Plugin?

Yes, if your Trakstar Hire account has SSO enabled, you can use the Chrome plugin.  You must log-in first, and then load the plugin.  It will not work if you log-in via the Chrome plugin's prompt

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