Can I create email templates to send to my candidates?

Email templates are a great way to save you tons of time when writing to candidates. They're also super easy to set up!

Read on to learn more!

How do I set up email templates?

  • First, click on the arrow next to your initials to access "Personal Settings" in the upper right corner of your account

  • Select "Email Templates."

  • Here, you can see your templates and templates shared by others. You can edit templates by clicking the "Edit" button on the right side or delete them using the "Delete" icon.  You are also able to edit other's

  • You can also create a new template by clicking "Create New Template" on the far right of this page

  • On the template creation (and editing) screen, you can enter the template name, the email's subject, and the body of the message.

  • If you'd like the system to automatically pull information in (such as the candidate name in my example), you can use the { } button at the bottom of the template creation page to insert these placeholders.

  • You can also attach other items, such as questionnaires, the EEOC link, or other attachments

  • If you want to share this template with other users, click the check box beside "Make this template available to other users on your account."

  • Once the template is set up to your liking, click "Save."

If you add interview-specific fillable fields, you will see the template labeled "Interview."  This is handy to know that you'll need to send it via the interview stage or attach the interview invite first for the interview fillable fields to populate correctly.

How do I pull in the template when creating an email?

  • After you click "Send Message," you can pull in the templates from the top of the message screen

You can also use templates anytime you email a candidate - including within the interview or offer stages.

Note - If you send the email to multiple candidates, the place holders will not display the content until the email is sent. Then it will personalize for each candidate you are sending the email to.

What is the list of email placeholders?

  • {{candidate-first-name}}
  • {{candidate-name}}
  • {{candidate-last-name}}
  • {{opening-name}}
  • {{interview-type}}
  • {{interviewers}}
  • {{interview-contact-details}}
  • {{interview-time}}
  • {{interview-duration}}
  • {{user-name}}
  • {{candidate-source}}

Can other users view my templates?

Yes! As long as you check the "Make this template available to other users on your account" check box, they will be able to view and use your email templates!  Other users will be able to edit your templates.

How can I ensure my emails avoid the candidate's spam folder?

We have this great resource on what to include, and what to avoid, in your emails to prevent your emails from triggering a spam filter. You can learn more about this here: How can I ensure my emails reach my candidates?

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