EEOC Questionnaire and Reporting

EEOC reporting is important for many companies. We have made this data collection and reporting simple in Trakstar Hire!


By default our EEOC questionnaire is set up to collect data from non federal contractor applicants.  Should your team hire/post jobs for federal contractor positions, we have a different EEOC form to match the legal requirements for these applicants.  Should your team need this alternative setup, drop us a line at and we're happy to switch it over for you!

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How do I send the EEOC questionnaire to candidates?

The EEOC questionnaire can be sent through candidate messaging. If EEOC reporting is important to your business, we recommend including the EEOC link in an auto response to the candidate when they apply.

You can attach the EEOC link from any candidate message, auto response, or message template by clicking on the "Yin Yang" symbol at the bottom of the candidate message

This inserts a link to for the candidate to complete the EEOC survey. You can preview this link by clicking on the arrow beside the word "Link" before you send the candidate message.

How can I included EEOC questions in the application form?

Previously this questionnaire could only be attached to candidate messages. We've now also included this as an option on the application form. This will increase the rate of reply, and decrease the work on candidates - having to follow up on an email message.

When you're ready to switch to using the application form EEOC questionnaire, all you have to do is toggle it on in the opening details page.

This needs to be done for each opening that you wish to have this turned on for.

Once it is on, the candidate will be presented with the EEOC questions after they finish the application form.

As required by law, the questions are fully voluntary, and the candidate can skip or exit without submitting them if they wish.

If this is on, will all applicants see the EEOC form?

Any applicant who applies via your application form will see these questions.

Candidates can be added to the system through other methods such as: bulk or single uploads, email forwards, employee referrals or the external agency portals. Since these folks didn't fill out the application form, they will not be presented with the EEOC form.

Can I just build these into the custom application form?

No. The EEOC form has specific, required, legal language displayed with the questions. In addition, it is required that these questions be optional and the data be stored in a manner that reduces bias during the hiring process.

If these questions are built into the custom application form directly (instead of using the EEOC feature) the answers will then display in the candidates profile, during the hiring process, instead of routing to the EEOC/OFCCP reporting.

Where do the results display?

The EEOC results display on two different downloadable excel reports - the EEOC report and the OFCCP Report. Here is how to access both of these reports:

  • Click the "Reports" icon on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen

This displays the Reporting Dashboard. From here, click on "Compliance Reports"

This displays the downloadable Compliance Excel Reports. Here you can choose either the EEOC or the OFCCP and enter your reporting date range. After you click "Generate Report" the report will be emailed to you

What is the difference in the EEOC report and the OFCCP report?

The EEOC report displays the data anonymously, while the OFCCP report goes into more details with the identity of the applicant.

Do the results display in the candidate profile?

No. The results from the EEOC survey only display in the EEOC and OFCCP reports.

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