How can my external recruiting agencies add resumes to Trakstar Hire?

Do you have external recruiting agencies who help you find potential candidates? Now you can set up unique logins to allow these agencies to add candidates to your account!

Why set up external agencies?

  • When you set up an external recruiting agency, the agency will get a login and access to add their candidates to the openings you specify.
  • The source of these candidates will be tracked automatically as the agency's name
  • Agencies will not have access to candidates added by other logins, or any existing candidates in your account. They will not have access to candidate data such as internal notes, interview feedback or candidate messages
  • Agencies will be alerted if they are adding a duplicate candidate

How do I set up each agency?

Click " Openings" on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen then click on the name of the opening that you would like to give an agency access to upload candidates for:

The opening details will display. Choose the tab that says "Candidate Sources" then click "Add now" next to Recruiting Agencies:

You will jump down to the agencies settings. Click "Add an external agency to this opening":

If you have added agencies to other openings and would like to give them access to this opening, click "Select agencies" to pick a previously created agency:

Otherwise, click "Add new agency" to add a new one:

Enter in the email address and name of the agency, then click Add:

Note: If you enter an email address that is from a domain that you have entered previously, you will be asked if you would like to use the existing agency - instead of creating a new one. You can read more about working with multiple people in one agency below.

You can add multiple agencies to the opening at one time. Click Save when you've added them all:

How can I unassign an agency from an opening?

Un-assign an agency by clicking "un-assign" beside the agency's name on the opening details page:

Once an agency has been unassigned, they will still have access to view the progress of the candidates they added, but they will not be able to add new candidates

Can I assign or un-assign more than one opening at a time to my external agencies?

Yes! Account Super Admins can manage these agencies as well under Settings > Recruiting Agencies. When you add a new recruiting agency, you can select multiple (or all) openings to assign your agency to:

If I archive an opening, can candidates still be added by an agency?

  • No - once the opening is archived the agency will not have access to add candidates, but will still be able to view the progress of the candidates they added
  • If you make the opening private, they will still have access to add candidates

How does the agency know I have added them?

When you add an agency they will receive an email invite to set up their account. You can see what the agency setup looks like by clicking here.

How do I work with multiple people at an agency?

When working with multiple people at one agency, it is recommended that you add one agency account, and all of the candidates are added through this login. When you do this:

  • All of the members of the agency can then see the candidates added by other members of their agency
  • One account ensures all candidates have a single source
  • When you want to remove an agency from an Opening, you can do it once for the agency, instead of for each user

What if the person I am adding as an agency was already a regular account user in my account?

You'll need to first de-activate their current log-in via Settings > Company Settings > Users.  Find the user and click on de-activate next to their username.

You'll then need to reach out to the Support Team at, and ask us to change the user's email address so you can add them as a recruiting agency.  We'll take care of this for you.

Once this is set, you can then proceed to add the user as an external recruitment agency.  They will no longer have access to their previous Trakstar Hire account.

Can I communicate with the agencies I'm working with from within Trakstar Hire?

Yes! Check out the messaging system here!

What if I would like my agency user to do more?

If your agency user interacts with the system more like a member of your hiring team, and needs access to items such as scheduling interviews, advancing candidates through the hiring process, and sending candidate emails, we recommend you make them full Trakstar Hire users. 

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