I am an External Recruiting Agency, how do I add resumes to Trakstar Hire?

Welcome to Trakstar Hire! We've set up a simple interface to allow you to add resumes as an external recruiting agency.

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How do I set up my account?

  • When a company invites you to add resumes into their Trakstar Hire account you will receive an email with a link to set up your account. Click on the link in the email to set up your account.

How do I add candidates?

Once logged into your Trakstar Hire portal, you will see a list of active openings you have access to upload candidates for. Click to add a candidate:

From here you can upload a resume for our system to parse candidate details from, or you can manually type them in:

The "Additional Details" field is optional, but is a great place to talk a bit more about the candidate. Click Add Candidate to add:

Am I alerted if I am adding a candidate that is already in their account?

Yes. If the candidate you are adding has been added to the system already, you will receive a duplicate warning message

Can I see other candidates who applied for this opening?

You can only see candidates that have been added from your login email address. You can not see any other candidates in the account. Click to view these candidates:

When you click on "candidates" you will see the candidates you have access to along with a general overview of their progress:

Click any candidate for further details along with where exactly they are in the hiring process:

Clicking on the top bar allows you to click through the different candidate categories

If the candidate has been moved to a Decisioned State (hired, rejected, etc) you will see which stage they were last in before being moved to this State

How will I get credit for these candidates?

When adding candidate(s) under your agency login, the company can easily see you are the source of the candidate(s).

Can uploaded candidates be edited?

Yes - you can edit an uploaded candidate as long as no action has been taken on their profile by the company you're recruiting for. Once action has been taken, the edit button will be disabled.

Can I communicate with the company who I'm referring candidates to!

Yes! Check out the messaging system here!

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