Communicating with your External Recruiting Agency Users

We know, for many of you, External Recruiting Agencies are a vital extension of your hiring team.

Agency Messaging helps you always keep them in the loop!

What is it?

The Agency Messaging feature allows External Agency users and full Trakstar Hire users to communicate, all within the candidate's profile!

Who can use Agency Messaging?

Either party (the Trakstar Hire user or the External Agency User) can begin the conversation.

How does it look as a Trakstar Hire user, within the application?

As a Trakstar Hire user you will find Agency Messaging on the "Profile" tab in the candidate's profile

Clicking here will open a dialog box for messaging the External Agency User

Once the agency replies, you can see the reply in the candidate's profile.

From here, you can continue the conversation.

How does it look as an External Agency user?

As an external agency, the message bubble will display within the candidate's profile. Clicking here allows you to begin a conversation.

When a new message is received, the bubble will have a blue dot beside it.

Clicking on the message icon allows the External Agency to continue the conversation as well

How am I notified of a new message?

As a full Trakstar Hire user you are notified of a new message via the blue dot indicator within the candidate's profile.

The top bar of their profile will also reflect the new message line.

As an external agency user, you are notified via the blue dot within the candidate's profile.

Both users involved (the Trakstar Hire user and the External Recruiting Agency user) will also receive an email alerting them of a new reply!

Who can see the messages?

Any full Trakstar Hire user with access to the candidate can see the messages going back and forth.

On the Agency side, only the External Agency user you are talking to can see the messages you're sending.

Can I communicate privately?

Yes! As a Trakstar Hire user you can begin a private message with the External Agency user at any time. This message is only visible to you and the Agency user. The External Agency user can communicate privately with the current coordinator (stage owner) of the candidate, or any users they have previously been communicating privately with.

Can a message be deleted?

Yes - the author of a message can delete the message by clicking on the dot icon in near the date of the message. You will then get a dropdown to delete the message:

Can I communicate outside of the context of a candidate?

No, the Agency Messenger is only within the context of a candidate's profile.

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