Can I edit the timezone of my users?

Nothing is worse than scheduling an interview with another user with an incorrect timezone. Now you need to press pause on your flow and track the user down to update it. And it always happens when you are on a roll!

Stress no more Super Admins!

How do I do it?

Great question! If you go into Settings and select Users, you'll see the Edit button to the right of the user's name:

Once you select this, you'll jump to the Edit page where you will see a timezone dropdown:

Select to expand the drop down and pick the correct timezone. If you don't see your exact city, click the nearest big city to you:

Click save and worry no more!

Yes, it's really that easy

Recommendation: Send a message to the user letting them know you've changed their timezone once the change has been made. It's always good to keep everyone in the loop.

I don't see this in my account!

You may not be an account Super Admin. If administrative functions are something you feel you should have access to, please reach out to a Super Admin on your account to discuss upgrading your level of access.

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