Integration: How to sync Trakstar Hire with your Outlook Calendar

If your organization uses Outlook calendars in conjunction with Trakstar Hire, we’re about to make your team’s life a whole lot easier!

What is it?

You can now sync your entire team’s calendars by connecting just a single Outlook Admin account.

How do I set it up?

Start by going to Settings > Sync Calendar where you’ll see an option to “Connect an Outlook Admin Account”
Clicking this button will take you to where you will log in with your Outlook Admin credentials
Please note: This will only work if you are an Admin on your team’s Outlook account. These Admin users may not necessarily be the same as your Hire account’s Super Admin users. Should you attempt to connect as an Outlook Admin but don’t have the right access, you’ll receive a message like below:

If you run into this, that’s okay! Just reach out to your Outlook Admin to log into their account to Accept the sync, like so:

What can Hire access, within my team's Outlook account?

  • Sign in and read user profile.  This permission allows Hire to get refresh tokens.  These are used to refresh the access token to maintain uninterrupted calendar sync for a user. More information about this permission can be found here.
  • Read all users' full profile.  This permission is required to access users' email, in order to identify the users in Outlook and their corresponding user in Hire. More information about this permission can be found here.
  • Read and write calendars in all mailboxes.  This permission is used to create events from Hire into users' calendars, and to show the events from a user's Outlook calendar in Hire.

I'm set up! Now what?

Once you have set up the sync, all of your team’s calendars will be connected with Hire based on email addresses. That means you will be able to see everyone’s availability as you schedule interviews, and events will auto-sync to their external Outlook calendars.
This sync also means you don’t have to worry about any individual calendar getting disconnected, as syncing an Outlook Admin’s account will sync all the calendars in that account.

What if I used Outlook Exchange?

Our Exchange sync requires at minimum Exchange 2016 CU3 On Premise or, a current Microsoft 365 Exchange in the Cloud tenant.

For on premise please refer to the requirements here and here.

What if I use a Government Outlook account?

Government Outlook accounts do not allow 3rd party integrations in the manner Trakstar Hire needs to connect with.

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