How can I manage my email notifications?

Emails getting to be a bit too much? We hate inbox clutter, too! Read on to learn how to manage your email notification settings.

How do I manage my email notifications?

  • First, click on the arrow next to your initials to access "Personal Settings" in the upper right corner of your account

  • Select "Email Notifications":

  • Here you can select which notifications you'd like to turn on or off. Please note that the notifications with the ** designation are only for Super Admin users.

  • After you make your selections, click "Save" to save the changes. 

If all of these are turned off, why am I still receiving email messages?

There are some email notifications you can't turn off. These include:

  • Invites and reminders for interviews and interview feedback
  • Replies from candidates (when you are cc'd or when you send the message)
  • Notifications of being copied on internal notes
  • Super Admin administrative notifications (payment receipts, reports, etc)

Can I manage the email notifications of other users?

No, this setting can only be controlled by each user individually.

What do I do if am not receiving email notifications?

First, check your settings to make sure the notifications are on. If they are and you still aren't receiving the emails, please write to us at so that we can get it straightened out for you!

Can I change my email address?

For directions on how to edit your email address, click here

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