Can I send openings to my coworkers for Approval? (Opening Approval Feature)

Hiring is all about collaboration. With the latest enhancement to openings, you can collaborate with your colleagues on the content of an opening, before it goes live.

What is it?

The Opening Approvals enhancement allows you to send draft openings to a colleague for approval. They can then review the opening content, and approve or reject the opening.

How do I use it?

The first step is to turn the Opening Approvals feature on. Any Super Admin can do this under Settings > Opening Approvals.

Once turned on, you'll have the option to send any draft opening for approval. This option will display after you set up the Hiring Workflow, or while any opening is still marked as a draft.

You can send the approval to one user for each opening. The person must be a Trakstar Hire user prior to sending for approval.

All users types can be sent to approve openings. The only exception is hiring team member users, who are not able to be Opening Approvers, unless the hiring team member is added as a Job Admin for the opening.

Once included as someone approving the opening, this user now has access as an "Other Member" to this opening.

Once you've sent the opening for approval, you'll see the status of the opening at the top of the opening details, as well as on the openings dashboard:

The user you sent the opening to will receive an email that there is a pending approval, and see a note on the Openings Dashboard referencing the pending approval.

Once they click on the opening, they will have the option to review and approve the opening:

Once approved, the opening is saved as a draft, and the person who requested approval is notified that their opening was approved.

If the opening is rejected, the opening is saved as a draft, and the person who requested approval is notified that the opening was rejected.

You can always edit the opening, and then send for approval again, if you wish.

Both the approval or rejected status also reflects on the Openings dashboard

Am I able to disable this feature in the future?

Yes! This can be disabled from Settings > Opening Approvals only after all of the openings you've sent for approval are approved or rejected, and no longer in draft state.

Can I set up an approval request form?

If you currently have a form that is filled out by the person working to create an opening and that form is then reviewed by the user deciding whether to approve the opening, you can set this up within your Trakstar Hire account.

Go to Settings - Custom Fields on Openings and add the fields you need on your approval request form:
Screen-Shot-2019-03-27-at-11-59-28-AM.pngThen, when a new opening is being created, you can fill out these fields for the opening:
Screen-Shot-2019-03-27-at-12-27-30-PM.pngAnd when the approving user is reviewing the opening to decide whether to approve or reject, they will be able to see these Additional Details fields and review them here:

Questions? Feel free to reach out at any time:

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